Knots 3D v3.0.5 Released

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Knots 3D v3.0.0, v3.0.5 for Google Play (12/31/2012, 1/6/2013)

Knots 3D v3.0.5 for iOS (1/11/2013)

Knots 3D v3.0.5 for Amazon (1/10/2013)

Knots 3D v3.0.6 for Barnes and Noble (1/21/2013)


New in this release:

  • 7 new knots: Double Bight Figure 8 (Bunny Ears), In-line Figure 8 (Directional),  Sailor’s Cross, Single Rope Braid, True Lover’s Knot, Turk’s Head
  • Limited localization: Knot names listed in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Russian!
  • Alternate knot names (synonyms) shown on list screen (ABoK numbers still available on detail screen)
  • Hyperlinks for navigating between related knots
  • Related knot section shows images for those knots.
  • Zoom in/out on detail text using standard mobile browser mechanisms
  • Inclusion of a Privacy Policy (Short version: We don’t collect any personal information)

Performance improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Correction to Rapala Animation
  • Knot touch interaction (knot should now always spin in the natural direction e.g. with the finger direction, not opposite as sometimes occurred)
  • Knot should not rotate during one finger swipe — only during intended two finger rotate gesture
  • New list view control providing faster transitions between screens
  • Favorites appear immediately in list screen after being selected in detail
  • Hi-res icon for Kindle Fire and Android Tablets
We are very excited to add localized knot names in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Russian.  We believe the translations to be accurate but sometimes the English name has no direct equivalent in the target language.  If you think a translation is wrong, can be improved or if there is another common name or synonym for the knot, please let us know or contribute to our crowd sourced translation project at  In addition to the above, other languages are partially complete, e.g. Japanese, Spanish and we hope to include them once they are complete.   The next phase of the project is to localize the category names and navigation buttons.


Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store (including Kindle Fire devices), and Barnes and Noble NOOK Store (NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet)

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