dotTech: Knots 3D Review

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A great review of Knots 3D from app review website dotTech:


Overall, I was very impressed with this app. There is a huge variety of knots here, and they are well-organized. The animated 3D diagrams make it really easy to see how a knot comes together, even if there are multiple strands involved.

As a history nerd, I particularly enjoyed the descriptions that come along with each knot. Having some background about how the knots were used and devised in centuries past is actually very helpful when you are trying to figure out what knot it best for a certain situation

Read the full review here:

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Knots 3D International Mentions

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We are thrilled that Knots 3D is being used all around the world!  We came across great reviews this week from websites located in the Czech Republic, Russia and Germany and found that Knots 3D is a required app for a college in Australia!

The first review is from Yachtmeni, a popular Czech Yachting website and Blog.


Aplikace je k dispozici pro operační systémy iOS i Android a stojí něco málo přes 20 Kč. Na trhu samozřejmě exituje spousta dalších apliakcí s uzly, ale nás pro svou jednoduchost, přehlednost a názornost nejvíce zaujala právě aplikace Knots 3D. Pokud nejste mistry uzlů, tak aplikaci určitě oceníte a to nejen na moři.

Jedinou nevýhodou by pro někoho mohlo být, že mezi 15 podporovanými jazyky chybí čeština a našinec si tak bude muset vystačit s angličtinou, němčinou či kupříkladu ruštinou. Ale k samotným názorným animacím vázaní uzlů stejně žádný jazyk nepotřebujete 🙂

Google Translate:

The application is available for iOS and Android operating systems and is a little over 20 CZK. In the market, of course, there are many other knot applications, but for us, the simplicity, clarity and presentation of Knots 3D was what most impressed us. If you are not masters of knots you will appreciate the application, and not only at sea.

The only drawback for someone could be that of the 15 supported languages, ​​Czech is missing and you will have to make do with English, German, or Russian, for example. But with the very clear animations tying the knot, you really do not need any language 🙂

Full review here:


The next review is from Androha, a Russian Android review site (Сайт для пользователей Android)


Графическая часть приложения выполнена на высшем уровне. 3D модели веревок тщательно проработаны и неотличимы от настоящих. Физика так же оставляет хорошие впечатления. Полностью отсутствуют малейшие зависания даже на самых слабых устройствах. Приложение быстро и четко распознает манипуляции с узлами, однако для корректной его работы в вашем смартфоне должна быть поддержка мульти-тач (минимум на 2 касания).

Google Translate:

The graphics part of the application is made at the highest level. 3D model ropes are carefully crafted and are indistinguishable from the real thing. The physics also leaves a good impression. The app completely lacks any delay on even the weakest devices. The application quickly and accurately detects manipulation of knots, but for it to work correctly on your smartphone, it should support multi-touch (at least 2 touches).

Full review here:


And in Germany, lists Knots 3D as one of the Top 150 Apps for Android.

Damit Sie weder Geld noch Zeit in unnütze Programme stecken und nur sinnvolle Programme herunterladen, hat COMPUTER BILD zahlreiche Android-Apps gecheckt und die 150 besten für Sie ausgewählt.

Fürs Camping, Segeln, Klettern oder rein zur Dekoration – mit Knots 3D erlernen Sie 87 Knoten und erfahren, wofür sie einsetzbar sind.

Google Translate:

So that you put no money and time into useless programs and download only meaningful software, COMPUTER BILD has checked numerous Android apps and the selected the 150 best.

For camping, sailing, climbing, or purely for decoration – with Knots 3D, you will learn to tie and use 87 knots.

Full review here:

And a couple more nice reviews from German sites:


And lastly, we found Knots 3D on a required apps list at John XXIII College in Perth, Australia under the “Outdoor Education” Learning Area.

The College has researched and tested a number of paid Apps during the past 12 months and has finalised a list of applications that will need to be purchased for the start of 2013.

These Apps cover a range of different Learning Areas and may not all be used at the same time in the same way, but will be integrated during the year for various topics and content.

Learning Area: Outdoor Education
Knots 3D

PDF file of required apps for John XXIII College courses:

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Japanese Review of Knots 3D

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Another nice review — this time from Japan!

Knots 3D(ロープの結び方 – ノット アプリ) – アウトドア好きの方は必見!!

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The Best Android Apps That Help You Tie Knots

On June 19, 2013, in Reviews, by Administrator

Droidologist review of three top knot tying apps including Knots 3D:

Do you have trouble tying knots? Don’t know how to do a Half Hitch or an Overhand Knot? Don’t worry, there are both free and paid Android apps that can help you tie knots. In this article, let’s take a look at the top 3 Android apps that can help you tie knots to see which one best suits your personal needs.

Knots 3D is another great knot-tying app. It’s less expensive than the previous app, but that’s not where its advantages stop. For one, Knots 3D lets you rotate the knots. You can simply spin the knot with your finger and see how it looks from any possible angle; it’s all in 3D. With Knots 3D you can learn how to tie 87 different knots…

Click here for the complete review.

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1000 Best Apps: Mevvy App Discovery

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Mevvy, a new app discovery site which bills itself as “The Next Generation App Store”, has listed Knots 3D as one of the top 1000 apps! They handpick apps and only list tools that are the cream of the crop. See their FAQ for more info!


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Sailing Magazine : Knots on the Go

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Sailing Magazine includes Knots 3D as one of five recommended knot guides for mobile offline use in their “How To” blog.

There is no shortage of knot-tying applications available for handheld devices and they can be a handy guide to remind you how to tie less well-known knots. Some are geared more towards fishing or climbing, but many applications include knots that sailors will use.

Knots 3D gives excellent descriptions of knots and their usage, including some history. There are no step-by-step instructions provided, but there are some notes on knot structure that can be helpeful. Animation shows the knot being tied very quickly and then you swipe your finger to see it step by step.

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UK Telegraph: iPad 100 Essential Apps

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On Christmas Day, Knots 3D was mentioned as one of 100 Essential Apps by The UK Telegraph newspaper.

iPad starter kit: 100 essential apps

iPad starter kit: 100 essential apps
Got a new iPad for Christmas? You’ll be needing some apps. Here are 100 to get you started.

If you are one of the many who unwrapped an iPad this Christmas then you’ll need some apps to get the most out of it. Here’s our list of 100 to get you started, split across categories from Culture to Sport and News to Food and Drink. There are apps to suit every budget and taste. One thing’s for sure: even the biggest iPad won’t be able to hold all of these.

Knots 3D
Want to see how to tie a lanyard hitch, an alpine butterfly or a cat’s paw? They’re among the 80 knots which tie themselves before your eyes. If it’s too fast you can slow it down. You can spin the knot to see it from all sides even while it’s being tied.

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App Discovery, Knots 3D Rank

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There are some new and not so new services that use metrics other than user ratings to determine the quality of an app.  One of the most popular of these sites was called Chomp.  Chomp was acquired by Apple leading to speculation that Apple will, or may already, use Chomp algorithms in iTunes to assist with app discovery.  Chomp’s proprietary algorithm allows users to search for apps based on what apps do, not just by what they are called. Other discovery sites use varied machine learning algorithms  to evaluate a multitude of factors to come up with a final score.  We are pleased to report that on many of the popular app discovery sites, Knots 3D ranks among the top knot apps and has the highest score on many of these sites.

App Discovery Sites


User Reviews and Ratings

Currently Knots 3D enjoys excellent reviews on the various app stores:

Our goal from the beginning was to make the best knot app available.  We think we have but we still have more knots and features to come!  Thanks for your support, kind words and constructive suggestions!

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Review: I Use This App

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Another complimentary review, this time from I Use This App.

Knots 3D by Nynix is a reference app that teaches you how to tie over 80 different types of knots! I don’t know about you, but there’s only ONE kind of knot I know how to tie. If I had to put a name to it, I would just have to call it the “regular” knot, lol… Read More

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Free Promo Extended: Knots 3D on Free App a Day

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Knots 3D is one of today’s featured apps on Free App A Day (FAAD)! Knots 3D will continue to be free today (9/11) and tomorrow (9/12).

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app during the past two days. The reviews have been encouraging and very fun to read!

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