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We are constantly asked to add new knots to our knot apps.  We certainly consider all suggestions and try to accomodate them into the app if it makes sense.  We have already implemented over a dozen user suggested knots into the app.  The following are outstanding requests that may possibly be added to Knots 3D in a future release.  Feel free to suggest your favorite knot or second a motion for one listed below!  Submit knot requests to  Drawing and animating each knot is time intensive so it may take months before your favorite knot is part of Knots 3D.  Thanks for your patience!  We try to release an update every 6-8 weeks with new knots and/or functionality.

User Suggested Knot List

  • Decorative Knots
  • Double bight figure 8 / Double Figure 8 Loop / Bunny Ears
  • Turle knot
  • Masthead Knot (Jury Mast Knot)
  • J Knot
  • Lashings (Square, Diagonal, Sheer)
  • Monkey’s Fist (2)
  • Turk’s Head / Woggle (7)
  • Tie Knots
  • Siberian Hitch
  • Halter Hitch
  • Canoeman Knot
  • Swiss Seat
  • Hasty Webbing
  • Rope Ladder Knot
  • Tugboat Bowline (flying bowline?)
  • VersaTackle
  • Radium Release Hitch
  • Wrap 3 Pull 2
  • High Strength Tie Off
  • Two Paw Knot
  • Grapevine Knot (abok294)
  • Nail Knot/Barrel Knot (abok295)
  • Keychain knots (boondoggle?)
  • Celtic and Chinese knots
  • Egg Loop Knot / Bait Loop Knot
  • Bracelet Knots
  • Snell Knot
  • Knotless Knot
  • Mooring Hitch (2)
  • Highwayman’s Hitch
  • Packer’s Knot
  • Dropper Loop
  • Improved Albright Knot
  • Poldo Tackle
  • Hangman’s Knot (3)
  • Fiador Knot
  • More splices
  • Spider Hitch
  • Bimini Twist
  • Wire rigging splices, like a Liverpool eye splice with a Becket, or the Toledo loop splice
  • Double Grinner
  • horse tethering knots (name?)
  • paracord bracelets
  • Spanish bowline
  • Inline eight
  • Nail knot
  • Double Dragon Bend
  • Thompson knot
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