Knots 3D 1.2 Released, Name Changed

On December 6, 2011, in Knots, Product Announcements, by Administrator, Knots 3DKnots 3D v1.2 is now available on the app store!
(Released December 6, 2011)

Along with the new release, we have changed the name of the app and companion website, Knots 3D and respectively.

This release was focused on adding more content; Specifically more knots in the Boating and Fishing categories.

In all, there are 15 new 3D knot animations:

  • Albright Special
  • Anchor Hitch
  • Blood Knot
  • Buntline Hitch
  • Clinch Knot (Improved)
  • Constrictor Knot
  • Lanyard Hitch
  • Perfection Loop
  • Rolling Hitch
  • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
  • Running Bowline
  • Surgeon’s Loop
  • Trilene Knot
  • Uni Knot
  • Uni-to-Uni Knot

As always, we hope you enjoy our unique knot app. Please let us know what knots you would like to see added and we will see what we can do to include them in Knots 3D!!!

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