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The following complementary review is from the popular Dutch iPhone site iPhoneclub. Translation provided by Google.

3D Animated Knots: Knots Handbook on the iPhone

The more applications that come out, the more the iPhone is a textbook in many areas. After apps for city trips, recreational boaters and diseases that you may incur on vacation, the portable encyclopedias become more specific. There is now the Animated Knots 3D application. Which includes detailed 3D animations of 35 different knots that may be helpful for sailing, climbing, scouting and camping.

The 35 knots are divided into different categories, yet perhaps only a um, ‘nocturnal’ section missing. Furthermore, the knots are assigned to a complete list, boats, camping, climbing, decorative, first aid, fishing and scouting. The list can also be viewed by type of knot: bend, binding, hitches, loops, multi-loops, special and stoppers. For each knot is a brief description, the strength, other names for the knot and the related knots. But it is the animations that steal the show.

The moment you select a knot, you see an animation of how the knot is put together. Then you can knot to your heart’s content in every possible way. Draw to repeat the animation, you can pause at any time by again pressing the button. The 360-rotate button allows you to view it from all sides. This function also lets you pause. Mirror flips the image, and the nice thing is that function at all times of break from the Draw and 360 works. The Zoom function Finally, see the aforementioned full screen.

Perhaps an overview of the reliability of the knots could be an option, but then it is often irrelevant because different situations require different knots.

The untranslated review in Dutch can be found here: Animated Knots 3D: handboek knopen leggen op de iPhone

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