iPHONENESS: Awesome Knot Apps for iPhone & iPad

On December 2, 2013, in Uncategorized, by Administrator

Knots 3D again lauded as one of the best knot tying apps — this time by the iPhoneness app review site:

Those of you who live an active lifestyle should take time to learn how to tie different kinds of knots. That knowledge will come handy when you are sailing, climbing, or spending some time in the outdoors. You could always watch videos or read books to learn how to tie various knots. These 5 knot apps for iPhone & iPad can help you learn more knots faster:

Knots 3D: teaches you how to tie 87 unique knots. It is localized in various languages. You can rotate knots in 360 degrees to better study them. No internet connection is required for this to work.


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