We are happy to announce that we have found a way to remove the unused and unnecessary third party libraries (discussed in this earlier post) from Knots 3D! Hurray! Using a tool outside of the Corona framework, we were able to remove the offending libraries from the app and also remove the internet permissions some of those libraries required. Both the paid (v2.8) and free (v1.1) versions of Knots 3D have recently been published to Google Play and and Barnes and Noble and should be available in the Amazon App Store as soon as it is approved. Hopefully this addresses some(all?) of the concerns some folks on the Amazon app store voiced when Knots 3D was the free app of the day. We personally hate ads and made a decision not to have them in even the free version of Knots 3D — so it was with much chagrin we were accused of adware! 🙂

Thanks so much to Darren at Ludicrous Software for taking the time to detail the steps in his blog.

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