Knot Quiz 2.0 Released on App Store

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BowlineKnot Quiz 2.0 is now available on the app store!
(Released on July 12, 2011)



Included in the new release:

  • More Animated Knots! (Figure 8 Bend, Ashley’s Bend, Zeppelin Bend, more… )
  • Improved Scoring System with Leader Boards and Achievements
  • Integration with OpenFeint and Game Center
  • New Navigation
  • Multi-color Knots

Knot Quiz is a fun application designed to test your knot knowledge and ropecraft! So you think you know your bights from your bends, your loops from your hitches? Give the free app a try and see how well you know 15 basic knots. When you are ready, purchase add-on packs that add more advanced knots to the fray!

The knots are tied “loosely” in each image so you can see better how to tie them. Version 1.1 adds animated knots showing you the ins and outs, overs and arounds, and up and throughs! A hint button lets you know what the knot is used for and what other names it is known by.

Basic Knots include:
* Overhand Knot
* Figure 8
* Surgeon’s Knot
* Stevedore’s Knot
* Fisherman’s Knot
* Granny Knot
* Bow Knot
* Lariat Loop
* Larks Head Hitch
* Cats Paw
* Running Knot (Slip Knot)
* Square Knot (Reef Knot)
* Figure 8 Bend
* Grief Knot
* Zeppelin Bend

The Knot Expansion Pack

(In-App Purchase) adds 20 more useful knots used in First-Aid, Pioneering, Sailing, Fishing, and Climbing.

* Double Sheet Bend
* Sheet Bend
* Bowline
* Two Half Hitches
* Clove Hitch
* Fisherman’s Eye
* Taut Line Hitch
* Sheepshank
* Carrick Bend
* Figure 8 Loop
* Double Overhand
* Timber Hitch
* Water Knot
* Loop Knot
* Bowline on a Bight
* Hitching Tie
* Tiller’s Hitch
* Ashley’s Bend
* Thief Knot
* Jug Knot (Spanish Hackamore)

Screen Shots:
Knot Quiz - Menu Screen Figure 8 Bend Sequence Knot Quiz - Zeppelin Bend


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