Knot Quiz Available in App Store

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BowlineOur free app, Knot Quiz, is now available on the app store!

Knot Quiz is a fun iOS application designed to test your knowledge of ropecraft! So you think you know your bights from your bends, your loops from your hitches? Give the free app a try and see how well you know 12 basic knots. When you are ready, purchase add-on packs that add more advanced knots to the fray!

The knots are tied “loosely” in each image so you can see better how to tie them. A helpful hint button lets you know what the knot is used for and what other names it may be known by.

Knots include:

  • Overhand Knot
  • Stevedore’s Knot
  • Figure 8
  • Surgeon’s Knot
  • Fisherman’s Knot
  • Granny Knot
  • Bow Knot
  • Lariat Loop
  • Larks Head Hitch
  • Cats Paw
  • Running Knot
  • Thief Knot


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