Knots 3D v3.2.x Released

On June 19, 2013, in Knots, Product Announcements, by Administrator

Knots 3D v3.2.1 for Google Play (5/21/2013)

Knots 3D v3.2.4 for Google Play (6/6/2013)

Knots 3D v3.2.4 for iOS (6/10/2013)

Knots 3D v3.2.2 for Amazon (5/30/2013)

Knots 3D v3.2.2 for Barnes and Noble (5/30/2013)

New in this release:

We are excited to add full localization to Knots 3D including knot names, descriptions, usage, menus and categories! We have also added Japanese, Chinese, Danish, and Portuguese support.  We believe the translations to be accurate but sometimes the English knot name has no direct equivalent in the target language. If you think a translation is wrong, can be improved or if there is another common name or synonym for the knot, please let us know!

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store (including Kindle Fire devices), and Barnes and Noble NOOK Store (NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet)

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